Wednesday, December 17, 2008

About The Exhibition "Secluded":

In fact life itself is secluded. Because the secluded one is the private one; it is something secret, it is for our own, something we don't share out with anybody; just like our life.. We all work, go to school or office, eat and talk every day; but anything we do happens to be "private" for ourselves.  Because our solitude, our thoughts, the loving ones, intervenes with a melody or a glimpse then takes us to a special moment. We don't open our whole life to anyone for not to be harmed or misjudged. Our life, our solitude, our "hush hush" nourishes the external world without revealing itself.

The uncanny life of ours, the unlimited inward is as "secluded" as its impropriety for the "dependable" atmosphere of the status in public. Therefore this exhibition is as "secluded" as to be exhibited.. I exhibit my inner self; my fears, my contradictions, my sadness and my family; the people sharing the life with me, my husband, my son and the ordinary objects like the door bell, the light switches or the shoes, everything that has a meaning in my life. Exhibiting, recreates the secluded one unexpectedly and surprisingly; therefore as long as the "hidden" one exhibited it looses its mysterious and attractive being and becomes ordinary. As long as the audience gets used with the secluded being of the one, it salutes the one as it salutes any other "secure" event; quietly and calmly. It is curious that, this transformation is not only experienced by the audience, but also by me. These works reflecting my privacy are not that private for me any more. I should confess that I have experienced the inevitable shock of the event that, in fact I have planned; the penetration to my secured and secluded life, the first day of the exhibition; but now it is impossible to experience that feelings once again. The intimate feelings and thoughts that are displayed in my works are now free and dissolving into the being of "the common" awkwardly.. They are out of my conscience; seems like they are not mine any more.. So we can say that, anything hidden grows in the radius of our life inwardly; maybe that’s why the hidden one has the ability to penetrate into our being, our behaviour and it affects our life in great deal. It looses its charm when we take it out and free it from ourselves. I really don't know which one is better; keeping it for growing inside, or sharing out and finishing it? I chose the second one...

This exhibition consists of one work. I hereby display my "home", having the direct meaning of the conception "secluded". I emplaced my armchair, my television, my coffee table and paintings of some of the petty private things, to the places that are identical with home. But, showing only the objects is not enough to make that house "private". My aim was displaying my secluded life my inner being, discovering the proper media that can carry this concept, and performing the unexpected encounter of the secluded one and the public one. Starting from this point I tried to gather the different parts of my life by the proper techniques that can bring them up in a stunning way. While doing that, I attached importance to the connection of the techniques. I used photography and painting in visualising different happenings; but I emplaced them together, up or down at the same place. I used video technique to point out a different matter, but I combined it with a painting. I emplaced the paintings to a space just like furniture. I put my sketches; my writings, my privacy of work, near the tea glass painted to a small canvas in the actual size. I used any techniques; photography, installation, books, notebooks, painting and video, anything necessary to bring out a documentary from an artistic expression; to create an attending, an observation and research period. 

"Watch My Soul", İnstallation with an autoportrait on canvas,
a bed and a lamp
I experienced a different adventure in the artistic meaning in this exhibition. It was exciting for me playing and creating by using the painting apart from its common classical understanding. Painting is a media that offers comprehensive opportunities to the artist in plastic arts. I like the sincere, warm but hesitant state of the painting; forcing the possibilities of three dimension while its origin is in two dimension. Hence I performed installations using the painting technique. I placed a portrait of mine, consisting of three canvases to an armchair; another portrait I put to the bed to sleep; some of the canvases I placed together, connecting up and down, talking, answering to each other and I was very happy... To stand the painting up, to take it apart from its common frame is not the method found by me. This performance is being done by many other artists nowadays. But painting is a media that the contemporary art is still behaving so hesitant because of the painting's classical heritage and traditionalist past. As an artist that likes the painting's interference to the meaning of the work, choosing this interference deliberately, I think, the contemporary patterns can be embraced by the painting's plastic; the colour gives a curious addition to these patterns and diversifies the meaning.

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