Friday, March 15, 2013

I see you...

I See You: First of all, I perceive and identify your existence between others and then I understand you and realise you entirely. 

In my paintings “perceiving, identifying, choosing, understanding and realising” happens in a frozen “moment”.  To “see” means to enter the real life or the existence of the person I paint.

Beauty, oil on canvas, 190x220 cm, 2013
For me, my paintings are little notes that I take from life. These notes show us the moment we live. These moments are usually the small fractions of time which we live and spent lightly and sometimes recklessly. I chase those insignificant moments. I put them forward and value them aesthetically.  When one comes up with a simple fragment of time, an unnecessary and unimportant moment painted on a 2 metered canvas with such a great deal of importance, one gets puzzled. Because it is conflicted with the things we’ve learned before; the important things, the heroic subjects should be painted bigger; not a child fooling around with the friends under the water. Why should a face staring at us with a puzzled expression should be important? Or what is the importance of painting a woman so unattractively but revealing the secrets of her soul in a simple moment? 

The mystery hidden in those small fragments of time is everything for me. In those coincidental moments everything about the “soul” reveals itself. I like to paint those unintentionaly revealed moments as I am painting a landscape; a landscape of a person…

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